Russian Federation trying to organize a system for monitoring UAV flights

Russian Federation trying to organize a system for monitoring UAV flights

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Russia is trying to deploy an airspace monitoring system to track drone flights.

This is reported by the media of the aggressor state.

Such a project for Russians became relevant against the background of increasingly frequent drone attacks on Moscow and other regions.

The Russian Rostec State Corporation and the Almaz-Antey Corporation, whose enterprises develop and produce equipment and components for SAM and radar, proposed that the government organized system monitoring of UAV flights in Russia.

First of all, this applies to users of civilian drones so that the belonging of a specific drone can be determined. Also, this system is necessary to ensure safety and counteract unauthorized flights.

Російський розвідувальний безпілотник Орлан-10. Фото: ЗМІ РФ

However, the project has not received official support at the federal level so far.

The first appeal to the Russian relevant authorities was sent in March even before the start of mass drone attacks on the capital and regions of the aggressor state.

A similar monitoring system that allows drones to be detected has been tested as a pilot project in St. Petersburg since 2021. The purpose is to detect and escort UAVs in the air at an altitude of up to 1.5 km and record violations of the current requirements for the use of airspace.

The developers of the system sent a second appeal in June, when the relevance of the project increased against the background of drone attacks on Moscow and military facilities in other Russian regions.

According to the developers, UAV mission control solutions, radar, EW and mechanism of coordination with air defense systems are integrated into the monitoring system.

The aggressor state notes that the system is relevant for countering drone attacks, which lately have been regularly occurring in Russian regions.

As previously reported, in the Moscow region, the Russian military is building platforms and towers for air defense. These designs should help protect Moscow from the strike drone raids that have recently been launched on the Russian capital.

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