Russian Invaders Launch Grom-1 Missiles on Kherson

Russian Invaders Launch Grom-1 Missiles on Kherson

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The Russian invaders fired at Kherson with the latest Grom-1 high-precision air-to-ground missiles.

The photos with the remnants of the missile were published on the X (ex-Twitter) social media.

The Russian Aerospace Forces fired at Kherson’s residential quarter with Grom-1 air-launched missiles, which were adopted in 2013.

In the published images featuring the remnants of the missile, the resemblance to the Grom-1 missile is evident, attributable to the distinctive curved tail control surfaces.

This is not the first case of using a missile of this type after the start of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation.

The first unsuccessful use of the Grom-1 missile was on March 12, 2023. Due to technical problems, the missile fell in the suburbs of temporarily occupied Donetsk.

It should be noted that this is the first confirmed case of the use of missiles of this type by Russians in the Kherson direction. Before that, the remnants of missiles were found in Donetsk and the Kharkiv region.

The Grom-1 air-launched missile was developed for use with new Su-57 fighters, but was also integrated with the Su-34, Su-35 and Su-30 aircraft armament systems.

The 594 kg missile is capable of covering a distance of up to 120 km and is equipped with an inertial guidance system, as well as a satellite one. This allows the missile to be used against stationary targets, at previously loaded coordinates.

The missile is equipped with a rocket motor. The warhead is high-explosive fragmentation type, weighing 315 kg.

As Militarnyi reported previously, Russian propagandists demonstrated a FAB-1500 bomb with an UMPK (Unified Gliding and Correction Module) kit.

During an inspection of the military-industrial complex of the JSC Tactical Missiles Corporation in the Moscow Region, delegations led by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu demonstrated a FAB-1500-M54 guided bomb.

Aviation armament Europe Kherson Russia Ukraine War with Russia World