Russian military use Strizh-3 EW systems against Ukrainian drones

Russian military use Strizh-3 EW systems against Ukrainian drones

EW Technologies UAV Ukraine War with Russia

The Russian military employs Strizh-3 electronic warfare systems against Ukrainian drones.

This was reported by the Ukrainian military under the pseudonym “Serhiy Flash.”

The military also released footage of the Russian Strizh-3 system discovered on the front lines.

“Fresh photos of the drones trench hunter. Strizh-3 system of the Russian Federation. Dangerous and immediate to destruction. It is delivered now to all fronts,” the military says.

According to the military, the system admits the drone closer and suppresses the control and navigation channels.

Російський комплекс «Стриж-3» в Україні. Зима 2023. Фото: «Сергей Флэш»

“A sign of operation: the operator suddenly loses the picture and control,” the military said.

The mobile EW system against unmanned aerial vehicles — Strizh-3 — was developed by the New Technologies Telecommunications (“NTT”) enterprise.

The system is designed for detecting drones, transmitting an alarm signal to the control and alarm panel, and blocking control channels and navigation of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Installation of the Strizh-3 system is carried out directly on the solid site using a portable tripod.

Протидроновий російський комплекс «Стриж-3»

It is stated that the system creates a barrier against the penetration of an unmanned aerial vehicle within a radius of up to 1.5 km. To expand the countermeasure zone, several such systems can be combined.

The system is equipped with six sectors, each of which provides all the necessary radio components. All components of the system are combined into one unit, which is fixed on the tripod with the possibility of being placed on the mast or roof of a high-rise building.

Recall that recently in Russia they tested the Serp-VS electronic warfare system. The Russian Serp system is also designed to suppress unmanned aerial vehicles.

EW Technologies UAV Ukraine War with Russia