Scientific institute developing weapons systems burns in Russia

Scientific institute developing weapons systems burns in Russia

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In Russia, the Platan Research Institute, which researches and develops electronic devices for radar systems and communications, is on fire.

The Russian Mash Telegram channel reported on this.

In the Russian city of Fryazino, located near Moscow, a large-scale fire broke out in the building of the Platan Research Institute with an area of about 4,000 square meters.

The fire quickly spread from the fifth to the eighth floor.

According to local media, there are people in the building on fire. Rescuers are trying to reach them.

The fire is reportedly being extinguished by 72 rescuers and 24 units of equipment, including lifting mechanisms. The work is complicated by high temperatures and dense smoke.

The preliminary cause of the fire was gas cylinders that could have detonated.

Platan Research Institute

Platan is a Russian research institute specializing in theoretical and practical research and development in the field of electronics.

According to public information, the institute is focused on work in the area of:

  • Special electron beam devices and semiconductor lasers;
  • LCD screens and video modules based on them;
  • Luminescent compounds, photoluminescence of rare earth and composite photoluminescent films based on them for white light-emitting diodes.

The Platan Research Institute has three research and production enterprises engaged in the development and production of devices for various purposes, including quantum electronics systems and devices based on them. The institute develops and manufactures video modules with built-in control circuits.

It is known that one of the production bases, the Istok State Scientific Production, is a serial manufacturer of modern and advanced Russian high-frequency emitters and related electronics used in radars and communication systems.

According to open data, Istok State Scientific Production provides about 30% of the total range of microwave products manufactured in Russia with its products.

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