Smart Defense gained the status of an authorized FLIR maintenance center in Ukraine

Smart Defense gained the status of an authorized FLIR maintenance center in Ukraine

Defense industry of Ukraine Ukraine USA

Ukrainian Smart Defense company gained the status of an official maintenance center for the world’s leading infrared imaging cameras and sensors manufacturer Teledyne FLIR (USA). This gives Smart Defense an exclusive right to provide maintenance for all FLIR products in the territory of Ukraine, reports Militarnyi with reference to the announcement of the Ukrainian company.

This is only FLIR maintenance center in the whole former USSR territory so far. 

The accreditation followed the prolonged process of expert evaluations and personnel training, assessment of interaction tools with future customers. Smart Defense passed all certification stages with flying colors. 

The first contract between the Ukrainian and US companies was signed in 2015. Back then Smart Defense became an official FLIR representative in Ukraine. Smart Defense became committed to start deliveries of military grade infrared imaging equipment to Ukraine since the beginning of war in 2014. It was then when the company has updated its mission. Smart Defense aimed for supplying Ukrainian military and law enforcement with the top-notch infrared imaging solutions.

Since then the company has implemented a number of contracts with the military and law enforcement. As Serhii Mazura, Smart Defense founder says: 

Along with the Teledyne FLIR products Ukrainian customer obtains the American quality of NATO standards at a competitive price as well as the experienced official representative in Ukraine. With the help of FLIR Ukrainian defenders receive cutting edge technologies enabling them to win in a modern environment.

Smart Defense is not only a FLIR product supplier, but is now also a solution integrator. Today the company offers a number of off-the-shelf solutions for various purposes and tasks.

The most relevant with regard to the nature of current and potential warfare are systems that may be used by infantry in fixed-position operations and by the Special Operations Forces. Among these are infrared scopes for sniper rifles (FLIR Milsight and Thermosight series), portable infrared imaging equipment (FLIR RECON series).

Smart Defense also offers equipment that may be mounted on Ukrainian Navy vessels and Air Force aircraft, as well as those of other structures possessing aviation and maritime units:

  • solutions for aviation based on UltraForce and Star SAFIRE series equipment;
  • solutions utilizing SEAFLIR series systems.

Besides that, FLIR is ready to offer complex solutions assisting with an effective 24/7 observation of land or maritime border of Ukraine. The complexity of its approach enables integration of data from numerous portable infrared imaging devices, stationary and mobile stations equipped with optical IR modules and radars into a joint informational system.


Teledyne FLIR is a US company, which is the world’s leader in development and manufacturing of infrared cameras and sensors. Among the FLIR main customers are governmental organizations, with the US Federal Government and its agencies sourcing about 31% of the company’s income in 2020. FLIR annual income makes approximately USD 2 bn. 

This material was prepared as a part of the “Militarnyi Special Project”.

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Defense industry of Ukraine Ukraine USA