Special forces of the belarus will protect the railway from sabotage

Special forces of the belarus will protect the railway from sabotage

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Belarusian security forces are strengthening the protection of railways from sabotage.

The Militarnyi informs about it.

The current government of the Belarus will send special forces to protect the railways in the south part of the country – Polissya.

The Belarusian Railways Association reports that as of today, March 19, special forces of the Internal Troops of Belarus will assist in controlling the railway tracks and infrastructure of the Belarusian Railway in the south of Belarus (Gomel and Brest regions) near the border with Ukraine.

The patrols will walk in civilian clothes, carry weapons, and walkie-talkies with GPS trackers.

According to the plan, Belarusian special forces will be accommodated in tents near the railway infrastructure.

The railway workers inform that since March 17, after the resumption of sabotage actions against the infrastructure of the Belarusian Railways, patrols of the internal troops have been on duty at some stations and railway overpasses at night.

“In some sections of the railway, they couldn’t think of anything better than to put 2-3 security guards near each relay cabinet,” the statement said.

Recently, Militarnyi reported that the russian military had deployed a base near the city of Narovlya, in the southern part of the belarus.

Наровлянський район Білорусі

From the pictures, it can be concluded that the base is not temporary and has been there for a long time.

In Narovlya, there is a supply base and a military hospital of the russian army.

Flights of russian combat aircraft in the Ukrainian direction are also recorded over Narovlya.

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