Sweden Receives New Coastal Anti-Ship Systems

Sweden Receives New Coastal Anti-Ship Systems

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The Swedish Armed Forces have received new anti-ship systems from Saab.

This was reported by the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration.

The new coastal missile systems are based on a new Volvo truck platform.

The platform also includes a launcher with four Rbs-15 Mk.2 anti-ship missiles.

“These units of the Heavy Littoral Robotic Platform create enhanced capabilities that are in demand due to the rapidly changing external world,” said Anders Brunander, project manager of the Defence Materiel Administration.

The new platform, in addition to using Mk.2 missiles, will be able to launch Mk.4 missiles without major modernization.

This will allow the existing fleet of coastal missile systems to launch a missile that, in addition to anti-ship warfare, will be capable of hitting ground targets.

“The Swedish Armed Forces now have the opportunity to test the delivered equipment and provide feedback on improvements for the next generation, which is already on order,” Brunander added.

Момент перед влучанням RBS-15 в мішень

The Rbs-15 anti-ship missile is currently the main missile in service with the Swedish Navy, Air Force, and Army.

The missile is used by Swedish surface ships and has also been integrated into modern Gripen fighters. In parallel, a self-propelled coastal missile system was created.

The missile has a maximum range of 80 to 300 km, depending on the modification, and is equipped with an active homing head. The 200 kg warhead provides the ability to inflict serious damage to ships with a displacement of up to 10,000 tons.

Previously, Militarnyi reported that the Norwegian manufacturer of anti-ship air defense missiles Kongsberg received an order for the JSM from the U.S. Department of Defense.

Anti ship missiles Europe Sweden Vehicle World