The court in Russia officially recognized the presence of Russian military in Donbas

The court in Russia officially recognized the presence of Russian military in Donbas

Asia Court Russia Russian aggression Russian intervention

The court in Russia officially recognized the presence of Russian military in the occupied Donbas, informs “Novynarnia” with reference to the ruling of Judge Leonard Sholokhov Kirov District Court, Rostov-on-Don.

The case involves bribery. The verdict is guilty.

According to the case files, the accused person supplied food to the Russian military located on the territory of the so-called “DPR” and “LPR.”

Almost disrupted in May-November 2019 the supply of food to Russian soldiers who were “on duty” in the occupied part of Ukraine.

“Accused tried to close his “fuckups” with bribes. It didn’t work. However, even more “fuckup” did the judge – put it all in the official document. He put it in public access. Therefore, when he will be kicked out of work, I propose to give him asylum in Ukraine. Based on the fact that, for example, he has long been a hidden agent of our intelligence. In addition, seriously, now the Russians will rush to clean up all documents and verdicts in this process. Nevertheless, the manuscripts don’t burn. Especially in times of the Internet. In this story, we can be pleased only with the fact that in the army, where on an industrial scale, food is stolen from its own soldiers and neglect secrecy; there is no chance of winning the war against Ukraine. Even with hypersonic missiles”, – Andriy Tsaplienko writes in his Telegram channel.

The Russian court sentenced the accused Zabaluev to 5 years of imprisonment with serving a sentence in the penal colony of the general regime.

As you can see, unlike the position of the Russian authorities, official sources are no longer ashamed to publish the presence of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine.

The controlled militants, for example, Russian Alexander Zhuchkovsky, who was a member of one of Russia’s illegal armed groups in the Donbas, in his book “85 Days of Sloviansk” provided some evidence of the Russian Federation’s direct participation in the occupation of certain districts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

The terrorist says that armored vehicles from Russia for the so-called “militia” began to arrive in May 2014. At the border representatives of four illegal paramilitary formations («Oplot, «Vostok,» «garrisons» of Horlivka and Slavyansk) took it. Thus, already in mid-June 2014 in Horlivka there were already two launchers of the “Grad” rocket launcher system, and in “Vostok” 5 tanks. In general, in May-June, the Russian-Ukrainian border crossed 10 columns with technology.

Zhuchkovsky claims that after August 15, 2014, Russia moved regular army units to the territory of Ukraine. According to him, this was preceded by Putin’s closed meeting with Russian journalists, at which those “with a single voice asked Putin to enter the troops.”

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Asia Court Russia Russian aggression Russian intervention
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