The DPRK and Russia sign mutual defense pact

The DPRK and Russia sign mutual defense pact

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Russia and the DPRK have signed a strategic partnership agreement, which also includes military assistance to each other in case of aggression.

The Russian media announced this.

The agreement was concluded during Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Pyongyang, where he met with DPRK Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un.

According to the Russian government, the new treaty is an update of the 1961 treaty, but with certain changes due to the world’s different geopolitical situations. Although the full text of the treaty has not yet been published, according to Russian presidential aide Yuriy Ushakov, it refers to mutual assistance in the event of aggression against one of the countries.

According to the Russian president’s comments, a number of other agreements could potentially be signed that would include close military cooperation and the transfer of more weapons.

Putin also said that he does not rule out military-technical cooperation with the DPRK in accordance with the signed document.

It should be noted that the DPRK and Russian media present the signed agreement as exclusively “peaceful,” which was generally what North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said during Putin’s visit to Pyongyang.

The signed agreement on South Korean media is the most important for the country after the collapse of the USSR in 1991 and will ensure closer cooperation between the countries in the military sector.

First of all, the DPRK ships ballistic missiles and artillery shells to Russia in large quantities.

Militarnyi previously reported that, according to Bloomberg, North Korea sent about 5 million artillery shells of various calibers to Russia by rail.

According to the media, the Russian president will likely seek even more artillery shells from the DPRK, when he soon visits Pyongyang to discuss this issue with Kim Jong-Un.

For its part, South Korean intelligence has detected at least 10,000 shipping containers being sent from North Korea to Russia.

Asia North Korea (DPRK) Russia World