The invaders attacked Odesa with Shahed-136 kamikaze drones

The invaders attacked Odesa with Shahed-136 kamikaze drones

Aviation Odesa UAV Ukraine War with Russia

The Russian army attacked Odesa with kamikaze drones. One Iranian Shahed-136 UAV was shot down over the sea by air defense forces, but two more could not be stopped.

This was reported by the Operational Command “South,” writes Supilne.

It is reported that over half an hour the city has been seeing spans of drones.

Local residents captured them on videos that are already online.

At 14:20 the city heard the first explosion, an air raid alarm was turned on at 14:30, and the lights went out at 15:18.

Two drones destroyed the administration building in the port area and a fire broke out on the site, Dumskaya reports.

The attack killed a civilian.

On the eve, invaders tried to strike the infrastructure of the port of Ochakiv with drones Shahed-136.

The Shahed 136 is a loitering munition is not a high-precision, not high-powered, not stealthy, but very unpleasant weapon.

In 2021, an UAV`s launcher was shown for the first time in Iran on a Shahed 136 multiple launch truck.

Containers with such drones can be easily placed not only on trucks, but also on railway wagons, various ships and other mobile platforms.

Presumably, the effective range of the Shahed 136 is at least 1,000 kilometers with the ability to deliver a warhead weighing 50 kilograms. It is stated that the maximum range is 2500 kilometers.

Іранські баражуючі боєприпаси «Shahed-136». Іран. Фото: ЗМІ Ірану

Such a drone flies at an altitude from 60 to 4,000 meters with a cruising speed of about 180km/h. The UAV has a loud MD 550 or 3W engine, so the kamikaze drone can be heard in kilometers. The drone can be destroyed by any means of air defense, and detected using radar.

Iran manufactures these UAVs for mass use for one or a group of purposes.

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Aviation Odesa UAV Ukraine War with Russia