The invaders that were mobilized in April were captured and are testifying now

The invaders that were mobilized in April were captured and are testifying now

Donbas Luhansk region Occupants elimination POW Ukraine War with Russia

The Russians, who were mobilized in April, got captured by the Ukrainian defenders.

A video of their testimony was published in the SSU.

The Russian Federation is carrying out hidden mobilization under the guise of “recruitment of volunteers”.

The mobilized were promised a lot of money and “routine tasks” – debris removal, restoring order in the streets of the self-proclaimed “DPR” and “LPR,” taking out the killed and wounded and alternate service on checkpoints. In reality, they were sent to perform real combat tasks.

Video evidence of several prisoners. Everyone says that they received summons from military commissariats and got mobilized.

“On April 4, I got a call from the military commissariat, they asked me to come, so I came by. As I had been serving before, I was mobilized as a medical worker to the territory of Ukraine. For up to three months. I took the documents on April 12, and arrived at the regional military commissariat office. In the regional military commissariat we were gathered in the lecture hall, all about 15 people, the deputy head of the military commissariat office spoke to us. He said that we were recruiting as “volunteers” who will work in the second – third echelon, that is on the home front,” – said one of the Russians.

Кадр з відео

The captives appeared to be the “fighters” of the unit “Bars – 7” (Bars – combat army reserve of the country).

The SSU noted that this is a special unit of occupiers that was formed on the basis of the Southern Military District several months before the beginning of a large-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The regiment of detained occupants was completely defeated by Ukrainian troops in the area of the Zolote in the Luhansk region.

“On April 27, our platoon, 25-27 people, was taken to the village of Zolote. It was closed, and roughly we spent the night there. In the morning, local “militants” told us that it was necessary to take a position in the trenches, as there was no one there. Our commander said that in the evening we will go home. When we started to climb up the trenches some shooting started. Hell broke loose, I do not know how to say. The bombing was all around and when it calmed down, we heard the voices of the Ukrainian soldiers. We said that we wanted to surrender. That’s it, our journey ended there,” – said another” Russian volunteer.”

Полонений росіянин, травень 2022, кадр звідео

“They made the right decision: they put up weapons and surrendered. This is the only way for the occupants to survive,” the SSU added.

It was also noted that the Russian army uses “reservists” as cannon fodder.

Recall that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine has already received about 32 thousand appeals for Russian soldiers missing, including the ones from their relatives, about 12 thousand of such appeals were received to the “hotline” of the trust of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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Donbas Luhansk region Occupants elimination POW Ukraine War with Russia