The military talks about the combat work of the MARS II MLRS

The military talks about the combat work of the MARS II MLRS

Artillery Germany M270 Military assistance MLRS Ukraine War with Russia

The Ukrainian military spoke about the use of the MARS II multiple rocket launcher.

They say the equipment is accurate and easy to operate.

The video of the interview with the gunners was published by the Ukrainian Ground Forces Command.

“These vehicles have proven themselves very well. Their direct purpose is to destroy concentrations of enemy manpower and equipment with very precise, almost surgical strikes. MLRS fires on depots, refueling points, and command posts. And this is the difference between Soviet-era weapons and Western-made weapons, because we deliver surgically precise strikes with maximum efficiency,” said Volodymyr, an officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The military officer specifies that the accuracy of the system is excellent at a maximum range of 84 km. The сircular error probable does not exceed 7 meters.

It should be noted that 84 km is the stated firing range of GMLRS missiles used for HIMARS and M270.

Типи ракет для РСЗВ M270 та M142

They emphasize that the crews are satisfied with their work, as the equipment is very easy to operate and there is no difficulty in teaching the personnel to use it.

“We maintain it according to the regulations, and lubricate all the nodes. Thank God, there was no repair and there are no plans,” Volodymyr said.

The soldiers also talk about the calculated combat tasks.

“Our task was to attack the fuel tankers that had just arrived at the railway station at the specified time. The task was performed as efficiently as possible. 12 fuel tanks were hit and destroyed,” the soldier added.

Ukraine received 5 MARS II MLRS from Germany.


Mars II MLRS is a German multiple rocket launcher adopted by the Bundeswehr in 1990. This launcher is basically a licensed copy of the American M270 MLRS with minor modifications.

The mass of MARS II is about 26 tons, it reaches 6.97 m in length, 2.94 m in width, and 2.59 m in height, while its ground clearance is 45 cm.

The crew of the combat vehicle consists of three people. A rotary launch platform is located behind the cabin. The artillery unit of Mars II consists of two disposable units, each housing six transport and launch containers with rocket-propelled ammunition.

Mars II is designed to destroy clusters of enemy manpower and equipment, artillery batteries, air defenses, command posts, and communications, as well as to set up the minefields through remote mining.

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Artillery Germany M270 Military assistance MLRS Ukraine War with Russia