The Pentagon is purchasing missiles for HIMARS worth $520 million

The Pentagon is purchasing missiles for HIMARS worth $520 million

Ammunition Artillery MLRS USA Weapons purchase World

The Pentagon is purchasing the additional GMLRS missiles used by the HIMARS and the M270 MLRS launchers.

Douglas Bush, the Army’s Assistant Secretary for acquisition, logistics, and technology, announced this, CNBC reports.

The U.S. Army awarded multiple contract options worth over $520 million to Lockheed Martin for its Guided Multiple Launch Rocket Systems to replenish the U.S. arsenals.

“This award enables us to replenish our own inventory while providing critical capabilities for our allies and international partners,” Douglas Bush said.

In October, Lockheed Martin CEO Jim Tyklet said the company had agreed terms with representatives of its supply chain to increase production of HIMARS rocket launchers to 96 units per year.

Виробництво РСЗВ M142 HIMARS. Фото: Lockheed Martin

A few months earlier, U.S. officials visited facilities responsible for producing High Mobility Rocket Systems (HIMARS) and Guided Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (GMLRS).

The GMLRS is a family of American 227 mm guided missiles. These munitions are classified as high-precision. They have a target range of 15 to 84 kilometers.

The United States is focused on increasing its supply of GMLRS guided rockets with a range of up to 84 kilometers.

The М142 HIMARS artillery missile system carries six GMLRS family precision missiles or one MGM-140 ATACMS short-range tactical ballistic missile.

HIMARS is designed to target locations of artillery systems, air and fire support, cargo transport, combat vehicles, and armored personnel carriers, and to provide fire support.

Currently, 20 American M142 HIMARS artillery systems are in service with Ukraine. The United States will also provide Ukraine with 18 more highly mobile artillery missile systems along with ammunition.

Previously, the U.S. Department of Defense official shared with the American publication Politico that, despite Moscow’s claims, Russian troops have not yet destroyed any of the М142 HIMARS launchers handed over to Ukraine.

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Ammunition Artillery MLRS USA Weapons purchase World