The Pomsta Brigade builds defensive lines near Chasiv Yar

The Pomsta Brigade builds defensive lines near Chasiv Yar

Donbas Ukraine War in Donbas War with Russia

The Pomsta (Revenge – ed.) Brigade, consisting of border guards, was involved in the defense of the Ukrainian town of Chasiv Yar.

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine said that the border guards were supposed to gain a foothold on the second line.

However, the rapid change in the situation on the front line also affected the tasks assigned.

“Later, when the advance began, we managed to stop the enemy for a while, and were tasked with restoring positions near Bohdanivka (near Chasiv Yar – Ed.),” said officer Maksym Vychavka.

The Pomsta Brigade was formed on the basis of the Luhansk Border Guard Detachment, which has been fighting the Russian invaders since spring 2014.

The combat capabilities of this unit were also significantly increased, which strengthened the brigade’s ability to defend and repel Russian assaults.

In recent weeks, the Russian military has stepped up its pressure in the direction of the town of Chasiv Yar and surrounding villages.

Nazar Voloshyn, a spokesman for the Khortytsia operational-strategic group, said that 65 clashes had taken place there last week.

In recent weeks, the Russian army has approached Chasiv Yar from the east, occupying Ivanivske and capturing most of Kalynivka and Bohdanivka.

Fighting continues in the easternmost neighborhood of Kanal, which is separated from the rest of Chasiv Yar by the Siverskyi Donets-Donbas canal. This neighborhood has been de facto destroyed. The Russian invaders are trying to capture Chasiv Yar to advance toward Kramatorsk and Sloviansk.

Voloshyn added that Russian units of the 1065th Artillery Regiment of the Airborne Troops, the 98th Guards Airborne Division, the 58th Special Forces Battalion, the 1st Army Corps of the so-called “DPR”, and the Sever-B Brigade were taking part in the fighting near Chasiv Yar.

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The Ukrainian command is trying to strengthen this area. On June 20, the Ukrainian 24th Mechanized Brigade reported that it had been redeployed to the Chasiv Yar area to strengthen its defense.

Donbas Ukraine War in Donbas War with Russia