The Russian army receives new Su-35S fighters

The Russian army receives new Su-35S fighters

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The Russian Ministry of Defense has received a batch of new Su-35S multi-purpose fighters.

Rostec reported about this.

Combat aircraft were built at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Plant.

It is stated that multirole Su-35S fighters, which are classified as generation 4++ in the Russian Federation, have undergone a series of ground and flight tests in various operating modes before being transferred to the military.

New fighters have already flown from the aircraft plant to the airbase of the Russian Aerospace Forces for permanent deployment. The exact number of aircraft transferred is unknown.

Su-35S multifunctional combat aircraft is a deeply modernized Soviet Su-27 fighter with improved combat characteristics.

The single-seat fighter is designed to defeat enemy air, ground and surface targets, infrastructure facilities, as well as conduct aerial reconnaissance and gain air supremacy.

In addition to Russia, Su-35 are in service with the Air Force of the People’s Liberation Army of China, which purchased 24 Russian fighters.

Російський винищувач Су-35С. Фото: ЗМІ РФ

Russian invasion troops use Su-35 combat aircraft in a full-scale aggression against Ukraine, broken out in February this year.

Збитий російський винищувач Су-35С у районі Ізюма на Харківщині. 03.04.2022. Фото: Генштаб ЗСУ

Su-35S fighters carry out round-the-clock patrols of airspace to counter Ukrainian aviation, perform air defense suppression tasks using anti-radiation missiles, conducting missile attacks in frontline regions using Kh-59/М/М2/МК/МК2 long-range high-precision missiles.

In early September, it became known that the Iranian air force planned to purchase Su-35 multi-purpose fighters from Russia.

Previously, Iran planned to buy Su-30. However, now the country’s army is interested in the Su-35. This was recently stated by the commander of the Iranian air force. The final decision on the purchase of Russian fighters remains with the command of the army and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Iran.

Air Force of Russia Aviation Fighter jet Neighbors Procurement Russia Russian Armed Forces World