The Russians drowned the tank company while fleeing from the “Bilohorivka bridgehead”

The Russians drowned the tank company while fleeing from the “Bilohorivka bridgehead”

Luhansk region Occupants elimination War with Russia

Russian units suffered new losses when trying to get through the Siversky Donets river near the village Bilohorivka.

Pavlo Kashchuk, Founder of “Infocar”, published a photo of the aftermath of yet another attempt to pass across the river.

The photo demonstrates eight tanks of the enemy being in the water.

According to Kaschuk, this is the result of an escape attempt. Russians were trying to leave the Ukrainian-controlled river bank. They tried to cross the Siversky Donets wade, yet did not prepare their vehicles for such a maneuver.

“It is not obvious from the photo, but these tanks were actually trying to ford back holding the guns in the direction of the enemy. But apparently, they forgot the snorkels, so they did not go far. Some tankers even passed their swimming exam. But not all. It seems that the glory of the Moscow cruiser keeps them awake,” Kaschuk wrote.

According to Yuri Butusov, editor Censor.Net, currently, Bilohorivka village is completely under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Russians left “Bilohorivka bridgehead,” but continued artillery shelling of the village.

Before that, the invaders were trying to pass through Siversky Donets for eight days and temporarily created three battlegrounds. Gradually, Ukrainian troops knocked the Russians out of each of them. Total losses in technology, according to Butusov, amount to approximately a hundred units.

Previously, the OSINT researchers have counted 73 units of equipment lost by the Russians in the course of an unsuccessful attempt to cross the river.

Bilohorivka bridgehead is needed for the Russians to implement their plans to encircle the Lysychansk-Severodonetsk agglomeration.

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Luhansk region Occupants elimination War with Russia