The Spanish Ministry of Defense sent a plane to pick up the wounded Ukrainians

The Spanish Ministry of Defense sent a plane to pick up the wounded Ukrainians

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Spain has sent hundreds of kilograms of medicines to Ukraine and will take wounded soldiers for treatment.

The Ministry of Defense of Spain reported that the C-295 military medical transport aircraft of the Spanish Air Force has already departed for Poland.

“The plane will pick up eight wounded Ukrainians in Poland and later transport them to Spain,” the report said.

Moreover, the plane is transporting 300 kilograms of medicines for the needs of Ukraine.

A medical evacuation team, an interpreter and specialists from other fields of assistance are on board.

Поранений український військовий. Серпень 2022. Україна. Фото: Офіс Президента України

“The plane is carrying medical property consisting of individual combat (medical) kits and respirators. In Poland, the property will be handed over to representatives of Ukraine. The aid should increase the possibilities of caring for the wounded,” the Ministry of Defense of Spain said.

This flight testifies to Spain’s commitment to Ukraine – it is a constant assistance that goes beyond the support of military equipment.

As previously reported, Spain has been helping Ukraine since the first days of the full-scale war.

In particular, it supplies military equipment, weapons and ammunition.

In September, Spain handed Ukraine 75 pallets of large-caliber ammunition.

155-мм артилерійські снаряди від Іспанії для України. Вересень 2022. Іспанія. Фото: Міноборони Іспанії

Transport aircraft of the Air Force of the Spanish Armed Forces made 5 flights to deliver all ammunition for the Ukrainian artillery.

Also, the Spanish army joined the process of training the Ukrainian military, but on its territory.

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