The Ukrainian military demonstrate firing from KS-19 guns

The Ukrainian military demonstrate firing from KS-19 guns

Ukraine War with Russia

The Ukrainian military started using Soviet-era KS-19 anti-aircraft guns.

Photos and videos of this weapon during the shooting appeared on social media.

In particular, Ukraine Weapons Tracker`s OSINT researchers published shots of the KS-19.

“The Ukrainian military started using old 100mm KS-19 anti-aircraft guns. Though initially designed to be used against air targets, now they will be used against ground targets – in indirect and possibly direct mode,” the report said.

Photos of UOF-412 ammunition used with the gun were also released.

“We can see Soviet UOF-412 rounds with OF-412 projectiles, which weigh 15.6KG and pack ~1.5KG of TNT. They have a maximum range when fired from the KS-19 of 19,950 meters,” Ukraine Weapons Tracker commented.

The markings in the published photos indicate that these rounds were manufactured in 1962.

These guns could be captured during the liberation of the Kharkiv region in September 2022.

In mid-March, a video featuring the Ukrainian military commenting about the restoration of captured weapons was published on social media.

It should also be emphasized that these guns could be Ukrainian since a significant part of the decommissioned equipment was stored at the Balakliya repair plant in the Kharkiv region.

While the region was occupied, the invasion troops could use these guns to create false positions and decoys.

After the liberation of the Kharkiv region, Ukrainian forces took the guns to be restored and used against the invaders.

KS-19 is a Soviet 100mm heavy towed anti-aircraft gun. It is designed to be used against air targets with a speed of up to 1200 km/h and an altitude of 15 km. Between 1948 and 1955, more than 10,000 guns of various modifications were manufactured.

Ukraine War with Russia