The Ukrainian military received Turkish Cobra II armored vehicles

The Ukrainian military received Turkish Cobra II armored vehicles

Armor Turkey Ukraine War with Russia

The Defense Forces of Ukraine received Turkish Cobra II wheeled armored vehicles.

Footage featuring the movement of this armored vehicle was published on social media.

There was no previous information that the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine ordered these Turkish armored vehicles. Just the Turkish Kirpi armored vehicles, which are already in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, were previously reported.

The published video shows the movement of three Cobra II armored vehicles on a dirt road, while two of the vehicles had the flag of Ukraine on them.

In April, a large batch of Turkish Cobra II armored vehicles was spotted in Romania. These vehicles were transported by rail. It was assumed that this military equipment could be intended for Ukraine.

The Cobra II with a 4×4 wheel arrangement belongs to MRAP-type, that is, it has high landmine and ballistic protection.

The Cobra II design is standard: the engine is located in the front, the crew is in the middle, and the landing compartment is in the rear.

The new product from the Turkish Otokar company has a modular design and, depending on the tasks, can change the configuration.

Турецька бронемашина COBRA-II на церемонії передачі армії Гани

The Cobra II armored vehicle is capable of transporting up to 11 soldiers in various layout options, which, at the request of the customer, can be made for 3 or 5 doors.

Можливі конфігурації компонування MRAP COBRA-II

It is possible to install combat modules or turrets for machine guns, as well as internal space to accommodate a variety of equipment. Also, the internal space of the vehicle can be used to place various equipment.

Last year, the Ukrainian military also received Turkish-made Kirpi armored vehicles.

Kirpi is equipped with an armored monocoque, four bulletproof windows, and a cushioning seat. The Kirpi armored vehicle’s engine compartment is located in the front, and the crew compartment is in the middle. The landing compartment extends from the center to the aft part of the hull. Kirpi 4×4 has the capacity to accommodate up to 13 servicemen, including the driver, machine gunner, and a commander.

Armor Turkey Ukraine War with Russia