The US finds no serious violations related to aid to Ukraine

The US finds no serious violations related to aid to Ukraine

Military assistance Ukraine Ukraine - USA USA

United States inspectors found no signs of serious violations in using aid provided to Ukraine.

Nicole Angarella, Acting Deputy Inspector General for USAID, stated this at a special US Senate meeting.

According to the official, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the United States has established a multi-level system of monitoring American assistance to Ukraine and conducted outreach on how to report suspected violations.

Angarella noted that since the start of the corresponding activity, the USAID Inspector General’s office received 178 reports of possible violations related to Ukraine, “which is 556% more than in the previous eleven months.”

“To date, we do not have any serious criminal findings related to the provision of aid to Ukraine by the United States. However, this increase in the number of reports proves that our outreach efforts are working. And that people know how and to whom to report potential misuse of USAID funds,” the official emphasized.

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Acting USAID Deputy Inspector General later shared that her office currently has two open investigations into possible misuse of US aid.

Five more are also at the stage of preliminary investigation.

She discussed a case where the potential misuse could have been recorded within the tender procedures, which was reported by “one of the large US contractors working in Ukraine.”

However, in this case, the violation did not occur and was prevented.

“Serious conclusions will be made after a thorough investigation or audit process, … so today, we have not confirmed any accusation,” Angarella emphasized.

Previously, the USA established an institute to monitor and investigate the illegal actions of fraudsters and corrupt people who use the aid of the American people to Ukraine during the Russian full-scale invasion.

In January, auditors visited Kyiv to ensure accountability of American military and financial aid.

Military assistance Ukraine Ukraine - USA USA