The US sees no signs of China supplying Russia with weapons

The US sees no signs of China supplying Russia with weapons

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The US President Joe Biden said there was “no evidence” so far that China had supplied Russia with weapons.

He stated this in an interview.

After the Olympics in Beijing, Joe Biden warned Chinese leader Xi Jinping about the inadmissibility of supporting the Russian Federation in sanctions violation.

“I called President Xi. By no means threaten, just tell him that we have met many times.

I said, if you think that Americans and others will continue to invest in China on the basis that you are violating the sanctions imposed on Russia, I think you are making a huge mistake. But that’s a decision for you to make,” Biden said about the details of that video call in an interview with CBS.

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The US president also added that there is currently “no indication” that China has provided Russia with weapons or “other things that it wants” to help in the war in Ukraine.

In June, Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe said that China has never supplied weapons to Russia in its war against Ukraine.

In addition, Wei Fenghe assured that China has no pacts with Russia.

“Let me clarify, as for the Ukrainian issue, China has never provided any material support to Russia,” Wei said, answering the question about China’s closer ties with Moscow.

At that time, China believed that negotiations between NATO and Russia could end the war in Ukraine.

China was under close attention because of its possible support for Russia after a joint statement in February. At that time, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping announced a deep partnership and “boundless” strategic relations between Moscow and Beijing, but after the start of a full-scale war, China tried several times to renounce the statement of “boundless cooperation”.

As previously reported, recently in Ukraine, the use of Iranian Shahed-136 attack drones, which were repainted and renamed Geran-2, was recorded for the first time by the Russian invasion forces. These loitering munitions created new dangers for Ukrainian troops.

Asia China Russia Ukraine USA War with Russia World