U.S. Convinces Greece on Shell Supply for Ukraine

U.S. Convinces Greece on Shell Supply for Ukraine

Ammunition Artillery Greece Military assistance Ukraine USA

The United States is negotiating with Greece on the sale of a total of 75 thousand artillery shells for Ukraine.

The Greek media outlet Ekathimerini reported that the shells will be taken from the depots of the Armed Forces of Greece.

According to the Greek media, the negotiations are at the final stage.

Washington will acquire a total of:

  • 50 thousand shells of 105 mm caliber;
  • 20 thousand shells of 155 mm caliber;
  • 5 thousand shells of 203 mm caliber.

The total price negotiated by the Greek side is $47 million, according to the article.

Ekathimerini points out that these negotiations were useful for Athens not only in terms of benefits, but also in order to make it clear that the production of ammunition could be more profitable for Greece.

It is worth noting that shells for the American 203 mm M110A2 self-propelled artillery remain in the depots of Greece.

These projectiles are suitable for the Soviet-made Pion self-propelled gun.

Previously, it was revealed that the Ukrainian military used M106 high-explosive shells, which were designed for use by American 8-inch M1 family howitzers (self-propelled M110 and towed M115).

The U.S. Department of Defense has already provided Ukraine with 10,000 203mm ammunition.

Снаряди M106 для 2С7 «Пион» 43-ї окремої артилерійської бригади. Україна. Фото: @andriy9221

In November 2022, the United States asked Greece to abandon the idea of using the Russian S-300 and Tor-М1 anti-aircraft missile systems, probably in order to transfer those weapons to Ukraine.

Nevertheless, Greece is ready to give Ukraine S-300 air defense systems if the United States replaces them with Patriot systems.

Ammunition Artillery Greece Military assistance Ukraine USA