U.S. Orders Additional M109A7 Artillery Aystems

U.S. Orders Additional M109A7 Artillery Aystems

ACS Artillery Procurement USA World

BAE Systems Land and Armaments has won a contract for the production of M109A7 artillery systems.

This was reported by Army Technology.

The corresponding contract worth $579.3 million was signed between the U.S. Army and BAE Systems for the production of additional artillery systems.

According to the plan, production will take place at the company’s facilities in five states.

In addition to the artillery systems, the contract also includes the purchase of M992A3 ammunition carriers.

They are used to transport artillery shells for self-propelled artillery systems.

This contract establishes BAE Systems as the main manufacturer of artillery systems of this type.

In January 2024, the U.S. Army had already placed an order worth $418 million for the purchase of M109A7 self-propelled artillery systems as part of its artillery fleet renewal program.

The new contract will also accelerate the production and modernization of artillery systems that the U.S. Army needs as soon as possible.

The contract is expected to be completed by January 31, 2029 with the delivery of all ordered artillery systems.

Militarnyi reported that the U.S. Army ordered additional M109A7 self-propelled artillery systems worth $57 million.

The work will be performed in York, Pennsylvania, with an expected completion date of December 30, 2027.

ACS Artillery Procurement USA World