UK-led Joint Medical Training Enhances Ukrainian Soldiers’ Skills

UK-led Joint Medical Training Enhances Ukrainian Soldiers’ Skills

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Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine completed an intensive five-week tactical medicine course in the United Kingdom.

This information was reported to Militarnyi by representatives of the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Ukraine.

The exercises were conducted in conjunction with the British Ground Forces, the Royal Air Forces, the Netherlands Army and the Icelandic EMS.

The purpose of the course was to set a standard medical baseline for all students who came from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from advanced medical knowledge to complete novices.

The course has undergone numerous transformations to reflect the nature of the threat that these Ukrainian soldiers will face on the battlefield.

The training now includes a new trench system study, medical evacuation from the buildings, and the treatment of shrapnel wounds.

At the end of an intensive five-week course, Ukrainian servicemen will undergo a two-day assessment.

Members of the UK armed forces, together with partners from the Netherlands and Iceland, have been instructing the students on various topics ranging from triage to clinical and psychiatric scenarios to help them deliver lifesaving medical treatment on the battlefield.

For better mastering of course materials, highly qualified translators were involved who helped to understand the complex medical terminology.

“This is a joint effort from Iceland to help the Ukrainians become combat medics. I specialise in treating people at the scene day to day treating people outside of hospitals and we have a lot of experience doing that every day in Iceland,” said Robert, a paramedic from Reykjavik Fire and Rescue Service.

Graduates are encouraged to consult with their mentor-instructors in the United Kingdom even after they have returned to the front line.

“This is one of the best things I have ever done in the military, and it has an impact immediately once training is finished and I have learned a lot from the Ukrainians,” said Staff Cousins.

Europe Great Britain Medicine Netherlands Ukraine World