Ukraine and European Union Sign Security Agreement

Ukraine and European Union Sign Security Agreement

EU Europe Military assistance Ukraine War with Russia

Ukraine and the European Union signed a security agreement on the sidelines of the EU leaders’ summit.

Suspilne TV reported on this.

Security agreements were also signed with Lithuania and Estonia. On the EU side, the agreement with Ukraine was signed by European Council President Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

The preliminary text of the document contained two main sections on security guarantees, each with nine points.

The document refers to support worth €50 billion, which is included in the EU budget for the next four years under the Ukraine Facility program.

In addition, money is provided to reimburse EU countries for weapons provided to Ukraine from the European Peace Fund, five billion for weapons from the Ukraine Assistance Fund, and profits from frozen Russian assets.

The first section of the agreement focuses on the long-term supply of military equipment, military training and defense reform, cooperation between the defense industries of Ukraine and the EU, cybersecurity, intelligence sharing, etc.

The second section deals with “the future of Ukraine and its citizens in the European Union,” demining and reconstruction, continued support for refugees, maintaining and strengthening anti-Russian sanctions, creating a special tribunal for the political elite of the Russian Federation, etc.

In addition, the agreement provides for an action plan in case of possible future aggression. This includes urgent consultations to be held within 24 hours.

Militarnyi previously reported that EU countries approved a first tranche of up to €1.4 billion in military aid for Ukraine coming from the proceeds of frozen Russian assets, according to four diplomats.

It is emphasized that the money would go directly to the direct purchase of weapons, in particular, air defense systems.

The money is channeled to Ukraine through the Ukraine Assistance Fund (UAF), but payments have been blocked by Hungary.

EU Europe Military assistance Ukraine War with Russia