Ukraine and Poland signed a security agreement

Ukraine and Poland signed a security agreement

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On July 8, Ukraine signed a security agreement with Poland.

This took place during President Volodymyr Zelenskyi’s visit to Warsaw. The agreement was signed by Prime Minister Donald Tusk on behalf of Poland.

The text of the document was published on the President’s website.

It stipulates that in 2024 Poland will provide Ukraine with several military assistance packages and pledges to continue supporting Ukraine for ten years of the agreement.

Poland will consider providing Ukraine with at least one additional MiG-29 squadron.

For the first time among the bilateral security agreements already signed, the document enables the interception of missiles and drones in the country’s airspace fired in the direction of Poland.

“The participants agree on the need to continue bilateral dialogue and dialogues with other partners aimed at studying the rationale and feasibility of possible interception of missiles and drones fired in the airspace of Ukraine towards the territory of Poland, following the necessary procedures agreed by the states and organizations involved,” the document says.

Also for the first time, the security agreement provides for the creation of the Ukrainian Legion – personnel of the Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine to be trained in Poland, which will be open to Ukrainian citizens temporarily residing in Poland and other countries.

The agreement includes a powerful block on cooperation in the defense industry, including the location of Polish defense companies’ production facilities in Ukraine and the exploration of additional opportunities for joint defense production.

Poland will also continue to operate the POLLOGHUB logistics hub and use the potential of the LITPOLUKRBRIG to strengthen the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The agreement should strengthen cooperation in the non-military sphere, in particular in intelligence, cybersecurity, maritime and information security, and critical infrastructure protection.

Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, Poland has provided Ukraine with a total of 44 military packages of various types of weapons and ammunition worth more than €4 billion.

Cooperation Europe Neighbors Poland Volodymyr Zelensky World