Ukraine builds a munitions plant with a NATO member state

Ukraine builds a munitions plant with a NATO member state

Ammunition Defense industry of Ukraine Ukraine Ukroboronprom

State Conglomerate (Concern) Ukroboronprom is building an ammunition manufacturing factory together with a NATO member state.

Ukroboronprom makes no mention of the name of the partner nation or any specifics regarding the construction of the plant.

The state concern indicates that this is the second defense enterprise on the construction of which international agreements have been reached and a corresponding agreement on the production of ammunition according to NATO standards has been concluded.

Ukroboronprom also said that enterprises of the state defense industry are working 24/7 on the production, modernization and restoration of weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the enterprises of Ukroboronprom have transferred five times more military equipment and weapons to the military than in the whole of last year.

МТ-ЛБ проходять ремонт на Харківському автомобільному заводі. Вересень 2021. Фото: Укроборонпром

Some armored vehicles went into repair for the fifth time after combat damage, and after restoration, they returned to service.

Outbound repair crews also work day and night to return equipment to combat status simply on the fields.

Bringing to combat readiness, in particular after damage, Ukrainian, foreign, and trophy equipment is the key competence of Ukroboronprom today, the concern notes.

In addition, one of the concern’s enterprises received a right to carry out demining and other operations with explosive objects on the territory of Ukraine.

Фото на тему: ДК "Укроборонпром"

The company has its own Center for humanitarian demining, accreditation at the UN and high-class specialists.

Except for Ukroboronprom, such a right that allows the neutralization and disposal of ammunition is provided only to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the State Emergency Service.

Recall that Germany is negotiating with Poland to create a maintenance center for the repair of weapons provided to Ukraine.

Ammunition Defense industry of Ukraine Ukraine Ukroboronprom