Ukraine has already received over one million artillery rounds from the United States

Ukraine has already received over one million artillery rounds from the United States

Ammunition Artillery Military assistance Ukraine Ukraine - USA USA

The United States provided Ukraine with over a million howitzer rounds for defense in the war against Russia.

This can be concluded from the latest data released by the U.S. Department of Defense.

This aid includes up to 903,000 standard 155mm HE fragmentation howitzer rounds, as well as 3,000 M982 Excalibur guided artillery shells, 7,000 Remote Anti-Armor Mine System (RAAMS) projectiles, and 180,000 105mm howitzer rounds.

In total, this comes to over 1.09 million shells with a total weight of over 50,000 tons.

This ammunition is part of $18.2 billion in security assistance allocated for Ukraine since the Biden administration has been in office, including $17.6 billion committed to our country since the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion on February 24.


The main nomenclature unit of howitzer ammunition coming from the United States to arm the Ukrainian gunners is the standard М795 high-explosive ammunition. This projectile is standard ammunition for 155mm M777 towed howitzers used by the US Army and the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

According to the manufacturer, it is “a 103-pound (approximately 46kg) 155mm steel-hulled shell (HF1) filled with 23.8 pounds (about 10kg) of TNT or IMX-101 with a homing metal band. It is compatible with all current and future towed and self-propelled 155mm howitzers.”

M982 Excalibur

M982 Excalibur is a 155mm precision-guided munition that uses GPS and inertial systems to aim a given target. This ammunition also has an increased firing range.

The guided projectile must be programmed before firing for proper use. The gun mount crew enters target location data into the gun guidance unit, which loads them into the projectile before firing a shot.

According to the manufacturer, the circular probable deviation (the probable scattering of shells from the target) is 4 meters.

155mm RAAMS

RAAMS is a 155mm artillery shell that contains nine separate anti-tank mines fired in the final phase of the projectile’s flight path. These projectiles can be used to quickly install minefields and complicate the movement of enemy armored vehicles.

Ілюстрація 155-мм снаряда “RAAM” з протитанковими мінами

The United States is not the only country supplying Ukraine with howitzers and related ammunition. The United States and its allies have already held six meetings of the Contact Group on Defense. About 50 countries are working together to provide Ukraine with weapons while ensuring the sufficiency of their own supplies, given the possibility of expanding war in Europe.

More on the modern artillery weapons from the United States can be found in one of Militarnyi’s episodes about the American М777 155-mm howitzer.


Ammunition Artillery Military assistance Ukraine Ukraine - USA USA