Ukraine negotiating the replenishment of S-300 missiles – Reznikov

Ukraine negotiating the replenishment of S-300 missiles – Reznikov

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Ukraine is negotiating with countries that are armed with S-300 air defense systems to replenish their missile reserves.

This was announced by Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov during a briefing with Margarita Robles, Spanish Defense Minister, in Odesa, Ukraine.

“S-300, they work very well. The fact is that they were not made in Ukraine, that is, we do not have S-300 missiles, so we use stocks. Therefore, with colleagues-ministers of defense of countries in which there are also S-300 on armed, we are negotiating the possibility of replenishing this reserve of missiles from their warehouses and arsenals,” Oleksii Reznikov stated.

Oleksii Reznikov also emphasized the need for maximum accumulation of defense forces of allied countries – both to help the Ukrainian army and to replenish their own arsenals.

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He noted that Russia launched a war against civilians, attacking the infrastructure of Ukrainian cities.

“They are now behaving <…> as a terrorist state… And this means that this is a challenge for the whole world. This means that the industry that produces weapons and ammunition in every civilized country in the world today should switch to those rails and replenish the armed forces of the national armies of the countries that help us, and be able to help further. Provide missiles, provide projectiles, and so on, and so on. Because the German IRIS-T or NASAMS systems are great – [but] they need missiles. Every volley of Russian missiles – and we use air defense missiles,” Reznikov said.

ЗРК NASAMS проводять пуски ракет. Ілюстративне фото з відкритих джерел

He also stressed that the use of Iranian Shahed-136 drones by Russians is primarily testing terrorist weapons, which they will then be able to use in any other country.

“Therefore, I invite all partners to us – to study these drones and give us offers of technical solutions, how to resist these drones. I had a conversation with colleagues from France, I told them: “Friends, you have the Olympics in two years, you have to protect your stadiums for the Olympics safely.” This means that now we need to learn how to destroy these drones,” Reznikov said.

Recall that the United States is asking Greece to abandon Russian S-300 and Тоr-М1 anti-aircraft missile systems, in order to then probably transfer them to Ukraine.

Since the 1990s, the Greek army has been armed with Russian air defense systems S-300 and air defense systems Тоr-М1. Also Osa-AKM air defense systems, Kornet anti-tank missile systems, Zubr air-cushioned landing craft, infantry fighting vehicles. The 5P85Т launchers of the S-300PMU1 SAM were installed on the KrAZ-260 chassis.

In addition, NATO plans to invest in Soviet-era weapons systems used in Ukraine. Investments in enterprises in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria are being discussed to resume the production of Soviet-era shells for the Ukrainian artillery arsenal.

Air Defense NATO Ukraine War with Russia