Ukraine received German АТ-2 anti-tank mine

Ukraine received German АТ-2 anti-tank mine

Military assistance mines Ukraine

The Ukrainian military uses German-made AT-2 anti-tank mines.

A photo with this mine in the Kherson Region was published by analysts from OSINTtechnical.

The mine is designed to disable the enemy’s tracked and wheeled vehicles.

Defeat of enemy vehicles is caused by an explosion of shaped charge under the bottom of the vehicle.

The designation of the AT-2 mine comes from the designation of one of the types of MARS MLRS rocket, namely AT-2, which is equipped with mines with the designation in German documentation as DM1399 and DM1274.

РСЗВ Mars 2 (M270 MLRS-E) Збройних сил Німеччини. Фото з відкритих джерел

DM1233 is used in LARAT 2 rockets of the LARS multiple rocket launcher (Waffensystem LARS) for remote installation of minefields. The rocket has 5 landmines.

DM1399 is used in MARS multiple rocket launchers (Waffensystem MARS) for remote minefields installation. The rocket accommodates 28 landmines.

Probably, the Armed Forces of Ukraine received precisely anti-tank mines of the DM1399 version for the MARS II MLRS, which Germany handed over to Ukraine.

The high-explosive DM1399 has a cylindrical shape with a hemispherical top and a flat bottom.

Міна АТ-2 (DM-1399) на Херсонщині. Вересень 2022. Україна. Фото: OSINTtechnical

A thin wire similar to an antenna emerges from the top of the mine and is a S3 contact fuze.

Five or more metal legs (depending on the model/variant) around the base of the mine are decomposed to put the mine in an upright position. In addition, the landmine is equipped with a small plastic parachute to weaken the impact when landing from a rocket. The mine is triggered when the wire fuze stretches along the bottom of the vehicle or when it is compressed under pressure. In addition, the mine has a magnetic fuse.

It should be reminded that Ukraine is also receiving German DM31 and DM22 anti-tank mines.

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Military assistance mines Ukraine