Ukraine received over 80 tons of ammunition from USA

Ukraine received over 80 tons of ammunition from USA

Ukraine Ukraine - USA USA

Ukraine received 80 tons of ammunition from the United States of America, reports Militarnyi.

November 14th, USA delivered approximately 80 tons of ammunition for Ukraine, announced the US Embassy in Ukraine.

“This was the fourth delivery of US security aid in the amount of USD 60 mln that President Biden directed to Ukraine in August, demonstrating US commitment to the success of  sustainable, democratic and free Ukraine”, – says the official message. The fourth delivery was performed by air. The previous third delivery of US security aid arrived in Ukraine on October 22, 2021. That is when containers with Javelin missiles and other military equipment were noticed.


Контейнери з протитанковими керованими ракетами до комплексу «Javelin». Жовтень 2021. Фото: МОУ

Besides that, two more deliveries took place on October 10th an 18th. Security aid for Ukraine includes ammunition, anti-tank and high-precision weapons and medical equipment.

«The international security aid in the amount of USD 60 mln became possible due to the arrangements achieved during the recent visit of Ukrainian President to USA», – says Ukrainian MoD.

USA has provided security aid to Ukraine in the amount of over USD 2.5 bn since 2014.

In the end of April US made another delivery to Ukraine in the amount of USD 7.85 mln, which included Command and Control and Communication assets, as well as spare parts for vehicles, medical equipment and tactical gear.

The United States are constructing a number of facilities for Ukrainian Navy as a part of the security aid – a new pier was built at the naval base in Ochakiv, a new barracks built for Ukrainian marines in Mykolaiv, as well as the number of other facilities for Ukrainian Armed Forces and the National Guard. 

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Ukraine Ukraine - USA USA