Ukraine’s 150th Mechanized Brigade Receives Upgraded Armor

Ukraine’s 150th Mechanized Brigade Receives Upgraded Armor

Armored vehicles IFV T-64 Ukraine

The soldiers of the newly launched 150th Mechanized Brigade showcased the heavy armor that had been transferred to their military formation.

The press service of the 150th Mechanized Brigade published the photo.

The new Ukrainian brigade, formed in early 2024, became mechanized and received a mix of Soviet and modernized Ukrainian armor.

“Soldiers of the 150th Brigade improve their skills of driving combat vehicles. Regular training allows our military to overcome obstacles in any terrain as efficiently as possible,” the press service of the Brigade reports, showing the equipment involved in the exercises.

In particular, the published footage shows the now quite scarce BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles equipped with a 2A42 30mm automatic gun. Judging by the photo, the vehicles were overhauled before being handed over to the military.

In addition to BMP-2, the unit also have at least one modernized Ukrainian BMP-1TS, which received a new Spear-Sintez remote weapon station instead of the old 73mm gun. The Spear-Sintez remote weapon station is equipped with thermal imaging optics, a powerful stabilizer, and carries a ZTM-1 30mm gun, KBA-117 automatic grenade launcher, and a Stugna ATGM.

The unit’s tracked armor was also supplemented by T-64BV tanks. They underwent major repairs and were upgraded to the mod.2017 variant, judging by the new reactive armor installation scheme and the absence of the Loona IR spotlight.

T-64BV mod. 2017 tank received new sights for the commander and gunner. The sights are equipped with a thermal imaging channel. In addition, the upgrade package includes a new digital radio and a satellite navigation system.

The unit also have BRDM-2 armored reconnaissance vehicles armed with a KPVT 14.5mm heavy machine gun and a coaxial PKT machine gun.

Images of the unit from January to February 2024 show BRDM-2 armored vehicles in Polish camouflage, indicating their origin.

In addition to armored vehicles, 150th Brigade soldiers also partially showed other armament of the brigade. In particular, air defense units received a certain number of ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft guns. In the video, one of them is transported by a KrAZ truck.

Previously, Militarnyi reported that as part of the assault brigade of the National Police of Ukraine to create a tank unit. The brigade received upgraded T-64BV tanks and other armored vehicles.

Armored vehicles IFV T-64 Ukraine