Ukraine’s economy has shifted to the front, said Prime Minister Shmygal

Ukraine’s economy has shifted to the front, said Prime Minister Shmygal

Russian aggression

On February 25, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal gave a briefing in Kyiv, in which he said that the Ukrainian economy is reorienting itself to the format of “everything for the front – everything for victory.”

He said that an extraordinary meeting of the Government of Ukraine took a number of decisions necessary to ensure the army, stable operation of hospitals, critical infrastructure during martial law.

1. The State Treasury Service, together with the Ministry of Finance, will redistribute funds in order to finance, in particular, strengthening national security and defense, necessary martial law measures and payments.
2. The government will make state domestic borrowings of up to 400 billion hryvnias by issuing military bonds.
3. Approved additional types of payments for servicemen, privates and officers.
4. The funds that Ukrainians received from the state for vaccination under the President’s “eSupport” program can be used to help the Ukrainian army. The money can be used to help Ukrainian servicemen to the Return Alive charity fund. Or credit them to a special account of the National Bank, which is open for fundraising for the army.
5. Ports of Ukraine are under increased protection. The Cabinet of Ministers has established the level of protection 3 in sea and river ports of Ukraine, port facilities, vessels that have the right to sail under the State Flag of Ukraine for the period of martial law.
6. For the period of martial law, the leaders of the territorial defense zone have the right to decide independently what humanitarian aid is needed and how much. The State Customs Service and border guards must ensure the immediate passage of such assistance to hospitals, hospitals, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defense Forces.
7. A temporary halt to the export of blood products has been introduced. The Ministry of Health will also approve the scope of mandatory provision of the health care system with donated blood and blood products.

Russian aggression