Ukraine Signs Cooperation Memorandum with Taurus Manufacturer

Ukraine Signs Cooperation Memorandum with Taurus Manufacturer

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JSC Ukrainian Defense Industry signed a memorandum with MBDA Deutschland, a missile systems company.

The company’s press service has stated that the document provides for a joint study of programs or opportunities for cooperation on air defense systems, in particular to counter UAVs.

Potential areas of partnership include research, development, production, investment, etc.

Cooperation with the world’s leading arms companies not only expands Ukraine’s existing capabilities on the battlefield, but also lays a solid foundation for the further development of the defense industry and promotes its integration into the NATO defense industry.

“This agreement is an important milestone in the relations between the defense industries of our countries. I am looking forward to working with Ukroboronprom, a leading player in the European defense industry,” said Thomas Gottschild, Managing Director of MBDA Deutschland.

Герман Сметанін та керуючий директор MBDA Deutschland Томас Готтшильд. Фото: «Українська оборонна промисловість»

MBDA Deutschland develops and produces missile and air defense systems that meet the current and future needs of the military.

The missile systems company, together with its wholly-owned subsidiaries Bayern-Chemie and TDW and various joint ventures, forms MBDA’s representative office in Germany.

It is a legally independent, wholly-owned subsidiary of MBDA, owned by Airbus, BAE Systems and Leonardo.

The company specializes in air defense systems. MBDA Deutschland also holds a leading position in the field of laser weapons technology.

Підприємство MBDA Deutschland. Фото зі Facebook сторінки компанії

Last November, MBDA Deutschland announced the possibility of resuming production of Taurus cruise missiles in the short term.

It was also reported that it is possible to integrate new technical achievements into the production process, which should preserve the product’s potential for the next few decades.

As previously reported, the parties of the German government coalition have prepared an arms proposal for Ukraine with the provision of long-range systems, but the Taurus cruise missiles are not mentioned in the initiative.

Defense industry of Ukraine Germany Ukraine Ukroboronprom