Ukraine Signs Security Agreements with Lithuania and Estonia

Ukraine Signs Security Agreements with Lithuania and Estonia

Baltic nations Estonia Europe Lithuania Ukraine War with Russia

Ukraine signed security agreements with Lithuania and Estonia during the EU leaders’ summit.

The official website of the President of Ukraine published the relevant statements.

Ukraine has also signed a security agreement with the European Union.

Agreement with Lithuania

Lithuania will strive to provide Ukraine with annual support in the field of security and defense in the amount of 0.25% of its GDP.

It is reported that this year’s military assistance to Ukraine has already reached almost €80 million, of which €35 million was allocated to the Czech initiative to purchase artillery ammunition. This amount for 2024 is constantly growing through the provision of new military assistance packages.

Lithuania will provide Ukraine with security support and modern military equipment in the land, air, maritime, space, and cyber-electromagnetic spheres.

In addition, Lithuania will potentially resume a military training mission in Ukraine.

Separate provisions of the Agreement set out joint counteraction to hybrid threats and nuclear risks, as well as strengthening the protection of critical infrastructure and cooperation in the field of intelligence.

Lithuania will work with Ukraine to identify the sources of funding necessary for the development of our country’s defense industry.

The document clearly enshrines support for the Ukrainian peace formula and the country’s membership in the EU and NATO. Separate sections address bringing the aggressor to justice, strengthening sanctions against Russia, and developing a compensation mechanism.

Agreement with Estonia

Estonia will provide Ukraine with defense assistance worth more than €100 million this year and will continue to provide comprehensive support throughout the ten-year term of the document.

The Estonian government will allocate at least 0.25% of its GDP annually in 2024-2027 for military assistance to Ukraine.

The President’s website notes that Estonia was the first to propose fixing a percentage of GDP to support Ukraine in bilateral security agreements.

The document sets out certain components of long-term military assistance to Ukraine, in particular, the types of weapons provided by Estonia, namely artillery (122 mm and 155 mm howitzers), anti-tank missile systems, missiles and mines, Carl Gustaf rifles, grenade launchers, unmanned aerial vehicles, and electronic warfare equipment.

Ukraine and Estonia will establish a regular Strategic Dialogue to discuss security and defense issues of both countries.

The agreement also enshrines cooperation in the supply of arms and military equipment, training, the activities of the IT Coalition and other Capability Coalitions, as well as in-depth cooperation in the defense industry.

Separate blocks of the agreement relate to strengthening sanctions against Russia, compensation for damages, bringing the aggressor to justice, assisting our country in recovery and reconstruction, countering hybrid threats, cooperation in cyber and information security, and protecting critical infrastructure.

In addition, the document clearly reaffirmed Estonia’s support for Ukraine’s future membership in the EU and NATO.

Baltic nations Estonia Europe Lithuania Ukraine War with Russia