Ukraine Unveils Stalker 5.0 Naval Drone with Kamikaze Capability

Ukraine Unveils Stalker 5.0 Naval Drone with Kamikaze Capability

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The latest Ukrainian Stalker 5.0 multifunctional naval surface drone was unveiled at the international Black Sea Security Forum 2024 in Odesa, as reported by local media outlet Dumskaya.

The drone measures approximately 5 meters in length and 1.2 meters in width.

It boasts a range of 600 kilometers and can be configured for kamikaze missions, capable of carrying a combat unit weighing up to 150 kilograms onboard.

In addition to its kamikaze capability, the Stalker 5.0 serves as a logistics platform with a special compartment for transporting weapons, equipment, and provisions.

The drone can also be used to conduct reconnaissance operations and patrol the coastal zone and rivers.

The drone drives a mounted gasoline engine with a capacity of 60 horsepower, it is able to accelerate the Stalker 5.0 to a speed of more than 40 knots (about 75 km/h). The cruising speed of the surface drone is 30 knots (55 km/h).

Communication is provided using the Starlink satellite system.

The reported cost of the Stalker 5.0 is approximately €60,000; however, it remains unclear whether this price includes the combat unit.

The main known surface drones in the arsenal of the Ukrainian Defense Forces are Sea Baby, Magura V5, and Mykola-3. In addition to them, Mamai and a large number of various transitional and small-series products are in service.

Such drones are one of the factors in deterring the Russian fleet, they perform a variety of tasks, ranging from reconnaissance to strike operations.

For a short time of its existence, Ukrainian naval drones caused great damage to the enemy and scuttled more than one enemy ship.

Recently, Militarnyi reported that the Netherlands would allocate €17.5 million to Ukraine for the purchase of marine drones.

Defense industry of Ukraine Fleet Ukraine USV