Ukraine uses a copy of Shahed (“Geran-2”) for training of air defense units

Ukraine uses a copy of Shahed (“Geran-2”) for training of air defense units

Air Defense Training UAV Ukraine War with Russia

Ukraine is using a copy of the Iranian Shahed (Geran-2) kamikaze drone for training air defense units.

Army FM stated this in its report.

The target drone, called Hupalo, is used at the WeTrueGun school to train air defense crews.

Thanks to this drone, military personnel can train in realistic conditions and hone their skills in detecting and defeating such targets.

“Training with realistic air targets allows us to test the capabilities of mobile air defense groups in practice and identify their weaknesses,” the WeTrueGun school stated.

It is not clear whether the domestic Hupalo repeats the characteristics of the Shahed (Geran-2). Judging by the footage published by the manufacturer, the drone is launched using a ground catapult.

WeTrueGun claims that Hupalo can be used as a kamikaze drone.

Training mobile air defense fire teams is an important component of ensuring the effectiveness of intercepting enemy kamikaze drones and cruise missiles.

In addition to “physical” training, Ukraine is developing the field of “virtual” training, which helps to save ammunition and weapons resources.

Earlier, Militarnyi reported that Skiftech has developed a simulator for the Stinger portable air defense system.

The simulator fully replicates the weight and systems of a real Stinger MANPAD. It has all the MANPAD parts: a heated cooling unit, guidance systems, a fuse, a sight, and other parts.

It works with a special app that shows the instructor the shooter’s actions. The instructor can include tests for the shooter in which the aircraft releases heat traps.

Previously, it was reported that the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced a tender for the development of simulators for training, education, and simulations based on VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) technologies.

The main focus areas include the use of weapons, drones, armored vehicles and other weapons, tactical medicine, situational awareness, etc.

Air Defense Training UAV Ukraine War with Russia