Ukraine will receive two GM200 radars for SAMP/T SAMs

Ukraine will receive two GM200 radars for SAMP/T SAMs

Air Defense France Military assistance Radar Ukraine

The French company Thales received a contract for the manufacture of two GM200 radars for Ukraine.

French Defense Minister Sébastien Lecornu and his Ukrainian counterpart, Oleksii Reznikov, attended the signing ceremony.

The ministers met at the Thales site in Limours, which is south of Paris. The visit included a tour of Thales’ military radar design, production and maintenance.

According to the company, the contract, signed by two defense ministers and Thales representative, provides for the supply of a full complex of short-range air defense, including the GM200 radar, control center, radio communication and air targeting systems.

The timing and amount of the transaction were not disclosed. Funds for the radar will be spent from the special Ukraine support fund created by France.

Oleksii Reznikov said that Ukraine will receive two GM200 radar stations.

The GM200 and other Ground Master family radars offer an effective response to the types of threats facing Ukraine, including drones and long-range threats such as cruise missiles, helicopters and combat aircraft.

“Thales is proud to be playing a part in the protection of Ukraine, in particular by providing air defense systems.” Patrice Caine, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer.

The GM 200 medium range radar is part of the Ground Master family of radars. The GM200 model with all its equipment is installed in a container that transports a truck with an 8×8 wheel arrangement.

It can be integrated into the SAMP/T air defense system, which is also provided to Ukraine.

Ground Master GM200 multi-band radar can simultaneously observe air and surface, detect air targets within a radius of up to 250 kilometers (100 km Engagement).

GM200 has an open architecture with the ability to integrate with other Ground Master (GM 400) systems, control systems, and air defense systems. If Thales’ pricing hasn’t changed too much since 2013, when the UAE acquired 17 GM200 radars worth $396 million, then one radar could cost roughly $23 million. However, over 10 years, this technique could significantly improve.

Air Defense France Military assistance Radar Ukraine