Ukrainian armored vehicles break through the Surovikin Line

Ukrainian armored vehicles break through the Surovikin Line

Russian Armed Forces War with Russia Zaporizhia Україна

Ukrainian mechanized units crossed the Russian defense line, also known as the Surovikin Line, which was designed to stop the Ukrainian offensive.

OSINT analysts of the GeoConfirmed project reported on this based on photos and videos from the front line released by the Russians.

A Russian drone near the village of Verbove filmed the assault actions of Ukrainian troops on the so-called first line of defense, also known as the Surovikin Line.

The Russians tried to repel the attack through the 56th Guards Air Assault Regiment of the 7th Guards Mountain Air Assault Division and units of the so-called BARS-11 volunteer unit.

The published footage captured mechanized units of one of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ air assault brigades on Stryker armored personnel carriers and Marder 1A3 infantry fighting vehicles moving along the landing, which is already outside the trenches (here).

The line of defense is represented by a system of minefields, anti-tank ditches, engineering barriers, and infantry trenches. The artillery fire covers the entire defense system.

It seems that infantry units were the first to approach the Russian positions, breaking into the defense and entrenching themselves in the invaders’ trenches.

Following this, infantry units started clearing trenches and expanding the breakthrough zone with the support of armored vehicles.

Russian footage demonstrates the artillery trying to stop the movement of vehicles with heavy fire along the road.

At the moment, the Ukrainian military is faced with the task of consolidating their positions and holding them under the onslaught of Russian counter attacks so that the territories can be considered liberated.

In addition, there is also the job of expanding the bridgehead behind the line of fortifications to ensure further maneuvers deep into the Russian-occupied territories.

One of the immediate goals of the advance is to liberate the village of Verbove, which is located two kilometers from the breakthrough site. At the end of July, Militarnyi published footage of artillery strikes on the invaders in this village.

Russian Armed Forces War with Russia Zaporizhia Україна