Ukrainian artillerymen are mastering American M777 howitzers

Ukrainian artillerymen are mastering American M777 howitzers

Artillery Military assistance Ukraine War with Russia

Ukrainian servicemen continue mastering the American M777 howitzers.

Valeriy Zaluzhnyi, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, released the photos that show that the Ukrainian Army started fielding the recently arrived weapons.

The photos feature howitzers, shells, and towing vehicles.

“My guys know the value of artillery. First of all, they wanted to convey the message that this is a high-precision and extremely effective weapon. Together towards Victory!” Zaluzhnyi wrote.

The published photos also feature the 155-mm shells for howitzers.

Снаряди калібром 155 мм до гаубиць М777, травень 2022, фото: Головнокомандувач ЗСУ

A photo of the 155-mm M549 high-explosive rocket-assisted ammunition, which is used with M777, was already published online.

The Ukrainian servicemen are using these howitzers, namely a modification of the M777A2 howitzer, in the field.

At the same time, Oleksii Reznikov, Minister of Defense of Ukraine, stated that these are still single cases.

Over 1,500 Ukrainian soldiers, including artillerymen, are already studying or in the coming days will begin to master these weapons.

Гаубиці М777, травень 2022 Фото: Головнокомандувач ЗСУ

Minister of Defense also noted that these are the artillerymen who will be going to the front immediately after training to perform combat missions.

Українські артилеристи працюють з гарматами M777, травень 2022, Фото: Головнокомандувач ЗСУ

М777 is a 155-mm caliber howitzer with manual loading and firing rate of up to five rounds per minute. Depending on the type of projectile used, the howitzer has a firing range from 24 to 30 kilometers.

М777 can use M982 Excalibur rocket-assisted guided projectiles, which increases the range of accurate shots from М777up to 40 km.

This allows it to gain an advantage over the howitzers of Soviet-era production that are used by Russia in the war against Ukraine.

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Artillery Military assistance Ukraine War with Russia