Ukrainian Brigade Shares Story of Seizing Russian “Tank-Barn”

Ukrainian Brigade Shares Story of Seizing Russian “Tank-Barn”

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Soldiers of the 112th Territorial Defense Brigade recounted the backstory of the captured “tank-barn,” which was taken over by the 22nd Separate Mechanized Brigade.

The story was published by the DeepState project.

Soldiers of the 244th Battalion, part of the 5th Separate Assault Brigade, reported that while patrolling near Klishchiivka at night, the crew of a T-62 tank spotted an M113. Assuming it belonged to the Russians, they began following it.

Simultaneously, the crew of the M113, surprised to be pursued by an enemy tank that could potentially open fire, decided to seek refuge in a nearby area.

The “tank-barn” reached this area, and its driver exited to inquire about directions to Klishchiivka. It was then that “Toyota” and “Mokryi,” combat medics of the 244th Battalion, disembarked from their armored personnel carrier and captured the driver.

Recall that about the capture of this tank and other crew members by soldiers of the 22nd Brigade, Militarnyi spoke on June 17.

A group of Ukrainian fighters climbed inside the “barn,” where the crew of this tank surrendered to them.

“Barns” on caterpillars

The Russians began to weld massive metal structures on their tanks, which were popularly nicknamed “barn,” combining it with electronic warfare stations.

Such improvised additional protection is intended to protect combat vehicles from FPV drones, barrage munitions and bomber drones.

In addition to the obvious advantage in drone protection, such “barn” make it difficult for the crew to inspect, which, accordingly, negatively affects situational awareness and makes it impossible to turn the tower.

The Ukrainian military has repeatedly hit such combat vehicles. For example, one such tracked “barn” was hit when the enemy tried to storm Ukrainian positions near the village of Krasnohorivka.

Then the Russian tank led a column of several IFVs that were going to break through Ukrainian positions. However, it struck minefields.

Occupants elimination Russia TDF Ukraine