Ukrainian-Czech Company Debuts Leleka LR Drone System

Ukrainian-Czech Company Debuts Leleka LR Drone System

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The Ukrainian-Czech company UAC presented the latest Leleka LR unmanned aerial reconnaissance system.

Militarnyi reported on this.

The Leleka LR is a Ukrainian drone manufactured outside Ukraine at a Czech plant. The manufacturer of the Leleka-100, DeViro, has diversified its production facilities to secure the material, technical, and intellectual base of production.

The manufacturer noted that the new drone will be manufactured in the EU. UAV testing, maintenance, and the UAV Operator Training Center remain in Ukraine.

The company noted that the system was developed based on the experience of the Russian-Ukrainian war, with an emphasis on protection against enemy electronic warfare systems. It is stated that it contains the most advanced technological solutions that will help to avoid counteracting enemy electronic warfare.

The drone has redundant main systems. Leleka drone has several communication channels that are separated by frequencies and have all the necessary encryption algorithms. The drone is equipped with anti-jam systems, including CRP antennas.

Розвідувальний безпілотник Leleka LR, 10 листопада 2023 року. Фото: "Мілітарний".

The Leleka LR system is designed for reconnaissance and artillery fire adjustment. For this purpose, it has a biaxial gyro-stabilized optoelectronic module with 25x optical and 4x digital zoom. It is easily removable and is available in a daytime version and a night version with a thermal imaging channel.

In addition, the drone’s onboard computer has digital video processing algorithms. It can track static and moving objects and automatically keep them in the center of the frame.

The system allows the drone to be used in conjunction with artillery and multiple-launch rocket systems such as Himars.

Leleka LR specifications:

  • Cruising altitude — 1200-1500 m;
  • Maximum altitude — 2000 m;
  • Maximum speed — 32 m/s;
  • Cruising speed — 22 m/s;
  • Wingspan — 3 m;
  • Take-off weight — 8.7 kg;
  • Payload weight — 600 g;
  • Operational radius — 90 km;
  • Duration time – 4 hours.

The manufacturer noted that one of the advantages of the new system is the ease of retraining Leleka-100 UAV crews for the new system. Both have a similar maintenance algorithm and software. The crew can be trained in less than two weeks.

Розвідувальний безпілотник Leleka LR, 10 листопада 2023 року. Фото: "Мілітарний".

It is reported that the unmanned reconnaissance system has already been tested by special forces on the front line, particularly in the Zaporizhzhia sector, and has been adjusting Ukrainian artillery.

All UAC products are manufactured following NATO standards. The company says that soon they expect to supply several hundred Leleka LRs to some NATO countries. However, the company’s production is primarily focused on the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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