Ukrainian Defense Forces use new version of Stugna ATGM

Ukrainian Defense Forces use new version of Stugna ATGM

The Defense Forces are using a new version of the Skif-M anti-tank missile system, also known in the Armed Forces as Stugna.

This was announced during the Polish defense exhibition MSPO-2023 by a representative of the Luch Design Bureau.

According to the manufacturer, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are already receiving a modernized version of the Skif-M ATGM. It was developed by the Luch Design Bureau in 2022 based on the experience of the war against Russia.

The updated system received a number of improvements related to the launcher. In particular, the tripod was significantly facilitated, and the installation received new turning and elevation devices and better power batteries.

The system also received a new lightweight remote control with more comfortable missile flight controls.

The ATGM also obtained a new PN-U targeting and guidance module, in which a laser rangefinder was integrated at the request of the Ukrainian servicemen.

The experience gained during the hostilities in Ukraine showed a low risk of detection of irradiation by a laser rangefinder, since Russian troops have a very limited number of combat vehicles with appropriate defense systems.

The updated ATGM is capable of using all available ranges of RK-2 series guided missiles used by the basic system. Among them are 130mm missiles with a range of 5,000 meters and a tandem-charge warhead capable of penetrating up to 800-mm homogeneous armor, as well as their more powerful 152mm version capable of penetrating up to 1100-mm armor protected with reactive armor.

Постріл з «Стугна-П» під час змагань. Фото: АрміяInform

For the first time, a new version of the Ukrainian missile system was presented to the public in February 2023 at the IDEX-2023 exhibition in the United Arab Emirates.

At the beginning of August 2023, the Minister for Strategic Industries, Oleksandr Kamyshin, said that over the year, Ukraine significantly increased the production of domestic ATGMs.

“We produced 4 times more Stugna in July than in January. And we are moving toward increasing production further. No matter how much we produce it now. It will not be enough,” he said on the United News broadcast.

It is known that in February 2023, the National Guard was allocated UAH 130 million for the purchase of Stugna-P anti-tank missile systems.