Ukrainian military received Swedish RBS-56 ATGMs

Ukrainian military received Swedish RBS-56 ATGMs

ATGM Military assistance Sweden Ukraine

The Ukrainian Defense Forces received RBS-56 BILL portable anti-tank missile systems.

A photo of this Swedish system and the Ukrainian military was shown by “Operatyvnyy ZSU’.

RBS-56 BILL was previously produced by the Swedish industry and is in service with several armies.

A photo of the system was evidently taken during deployment or before launch: the tripod-type, height-adjustable launcher is set up, and a rocket in the launch tube is mounted on it.

It is not known which country handed over RBS-56 to Ukraine. Such ATGMs are in service with various armies.

Presumably, the systems could be transferred by Sweden, which developed, produced, and used such systems.

Sweden expressed its readiness to help Ukraine with anti-tank weapons at the end of February 2022.

In October 2022, the Armed Forces of Ukraine received RBS-17 missile systems from Sweden.

RBS-56 BILL is a portable anti-tank missile system designed to hit protected moving targets.

The system includes a missile in a container, a day and night sight/fire control device, and a tripod. ATGM weighs 43.5 kg. The length of the container with the rocket is 1.4 m, weight – 20 kg.

The components of the complex are carried by crew or transported by available transport.

High missile performance of the system is achieved due to an unusual design and layout solution. The direction of action of the explosively formed penetrator of the warhead is deviated from the longitudinal axis of the missile by 30 degrees, and the missile flight path is above the aiming line by 60-100 cm. Due to such capability, the system may avoid obstacles on the ground and ensure the defeat of the tank from above.

ATGM Military assistance Sweden Ukraine