Ukrainian special unit received SYCH M30 anti-sniping systems

Ukrainian special unit received SYCH M30 anti-sniping systems

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Two anti-sniping systems from the Archer company were transferred to the Special Operations Forces unit of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, reports Militarnyi with reference to the Archer company («Thermal Vision Technologies»).

These anti-sniping systems include SYCH M30 cooled thermal imagers.

These systems are designed for reconnaissance and surveillance in all weather conditions day and night (detection, tracking, target coordinates).

Anti-sniping systems are multifunctional optical electronic devices that are designed for round-the-clock video monitoring of the area.

Also designed to search for targets and automatically detect masked optical aiming and surveillance devices, determine their coordinates and distances in difficult terrain and urban buildings.


Products under the Archer brand, are produced by Thermal Vision Technologies company.

In 2017 the company completed the development of its new SYCH 5K10 system for reconnaissance and optical devices detection and SYCH-N 6K10 portable device.

Комплекс «Сич 5К10» від компанії «Archer»

SYCH 5K10 system provides early and quick detection of optical aiming devices and the fact of covert observation of objects.

The company also manufactures the KORDON-3 optical reconnaissance system.

KORDON-3 is a multispectral modular optical electronic device designed as a component of surveillance and reconnaissance systems.

Комплекс «КОРДОН‑3» від компанії «Archer»

Among other company’s products is ARCHER TS-150 – a modular thermal imaging sighting system designed for use with large-caliber automatic weapons, anti-aircraft guns, and anti-tank missile systems.

Комплекс «ARCHER TC‑150» від компанії «Archer»

A feature of the system is its modular design in which the basic TS-150 optical unit is controlled remotely and has no built-in means of information displaying.

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