Ukrainian troops launched missile attacks on targets in Melitopol

Ukrainian troops launched missile attacks on targets in Melitopol

Ukraine War with Russia Zaporizhia

The Ukrainian military launched missile attacks on three Russian facilities in the area of occupied Melitopol.

Local media reported on this.

According to local residents, on July 7, around 3:30 p.m., three loud explosions occurred on the city’s western outskirts. They were heard near the local airfield, the railway station, and several other places.

Later, at about 2 p.m., another explosion was heard south of the city, after which Russian air defense systems were activated.

Eyewitnesses of the strikes reported fire and smoke at the site of the impacts and alleged re-detonation after the explosions.

One of the fire sites was partially geolocated (here) – it is indeed located on the western outskirts of Melitopol in the area where the seized Ukrainian Melitopol air base is located.

Before the invasion, the air base was the location of the 25th Transport Aviation Brigade of the Ukrainian Air Force. After the facility was occupied, the Russian invaders began to actively exploit it as a base for army aviation, particularly attack and transport helicopters. Russian Su-25 attack aircraft were also previously stationed there.

In addition, Melitopol, an important logistical hub, is protected by Russian air defense systems located around the city and the air base.

Melitopol plays a key role in connecting the occupied part of the Zaporizhzhia region with the Crimean peninsula and, consequently, the Russian mainland.

Roads and railways pass through the city, so there are a significant number of depots, supply and support facilities for the Russian army, as well as headquarters, deployment sites, and other important facilities.

Ukraine War with Russia Zaporizhia