Ukroboronprom Opens Overseas Office in Washington

Ukroboronprom Opens Overseas Office in Washington

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JSC Ukroboronprom opened its first foreign representative office to coordinate international projects in the United States.

This announcement was made by Oleksandr Kamyshin, the Minister for Strategic Industries.

“Today the 75th NATO Summit opened in Washington. One of the key topics is support for Ukraine. And today, on the sidelines of the Summit, we opened the first foreign representative office of JSC Ukroboronprom – an office in Washington, USA,” stated the Minister for Strategic Industries.

According to Kamyshin, the main task of the office is to facilitate the implementation of joint Ukrainian-American defense projects. Interacting with local businesses and government agencies, negotiating the transfer of military technologies.

The opening of the Washington office of Ukraine’s largest defense holding company aims to deepen cooperation between the Ukrainian defense industry and its American counterparts, as well as to strengthen integration into the NATO defense industrial base.

Представництво АТ “Укроборонпром” у Вашингтоні, США, липень 2024. Фото: Олександр Камишін.

Defense cooperation between the USA and Ukraine

Previously, representatives of the Ministry for Strategic Industries reported that Ukrainian companies have signed agreements with two unnamed American companies to jointly produce 155-mm shells.

In particular, in June it became known that the American defense giant Northrop Grumman will set up ammunition production in Ukraine.

“That’s our first project that’s paid for with ‘Ukrainian dollars’. We are looking to expand that into tank ammo, 155 mm, and others as we find innovative processes,” said Dave Bartell, director of international business for Northrop’s defense systems sector.

In addition, together with the United States, Ukraine managed to modernize its air defense systems by integrating U.S.-made missiles into them as part of the FrankenSAM project.

It is known that as part of the U.S. modernization program, a certain number of Ukrainian Buk-M1 air defense systems have already been adapted for RIM-7 missiles, which have already returned and are being used by the Armed Forces.

In addition, Ukraine has received technical data to begin local modernization of air defense systems under the project.

At the end of last month, Ukroboronprom significantly deepened cooperation with the French defense industrial complex, concluding a number of cooperation agreements with Thales and other French arms manufacturers.

Ukraine Ukraine - USA Ukroboronprom USA World