Ukroboronprom Starts Cooperation with Lithuanian Defense Contractors

Ukroboronprom Starts Cooperation with Lithuanian Defense Contractors

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Ukroboronprom began to cooperate with four defense companies in Lithuania, which specialize in the development of optical and electronic jamming systems.

Ukroboronprom announced this cooperation on its Facebook page.

Cooperation with Lithuanian companies NT Service, Brolis Semiconductors, RSI Europe, and DMEXS will expand capabilities in the development of defense equipment.

First of all, companies specialize in the production of optical sights for rifles and thermal imagers, as well as in systems for remote initiation of detonation, EW systems, communications, etc.

The signing ceremony of the letter of intent took place on January 10, 2024, as part of the visit of the President of Ukraine to Vilnius, Lithuania.

“I am grateful to the President of Ukraine, the Office of the President and our Ministry of Strategic Industries for the great work carried out in advance to reach agreements with our new Baltic partners,” – said Herman Smetanin, Director General of Ukroboronprom.

This cooperation with leading Lithuanian companies will provide better opportunities for joint developments, which are aimed at creating equipment that will help Ukraine win.

In addition, this is a qualitative leap from the development of new equipment, which is so necessary for the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the front lines.

As Militarnyi reported, Rheinmetall and Ukroboronprom formed a joint venture to perform repair work on Western equipment.

The creation of a joint venture is primarily aimed at repairing and maintaining combat-ready military equipment transferred by Germany, and other Western partners.

In addition, in the future, the facilities of this enterprise will help to localize the production of some samples of military equipment.

Rheinmetall – Ukrainian Defense Industry LLC was registered on October 18, 2023. The Prime Minister announced this event during the German-Ukrainian Business Forum in Berlin.

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