Unnamed European country contracted shells from ST Engineering

Unnamed European country contracted shells from ST Engineering

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ST Engineering has been awarded a contract to manufacture 155-mm shells for an unnamed European country.

The Singaporean company said that its Land Systems division will supply the shells.

“The contracts not only emphasize ST Engineering’s competitive advantages in the ammunition segment but also underscore the trust in its advanced solutions from global defense forces,” the company said.

The contract, the result of competitive tenders, expands ST Engineering’s presence in the ammunition segment.

In addition to 155-mm ammunition, ST Engineering has also received orders for 40-mm ammunition from European customers.

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The 40-mm ammunition from ST Engineering is compatible with all existing automatic grenade launchers of this caliber.

The company has more than 58 versions of 40mm ammunition for various purposes.

The company shared that the contract is worth over S$100 million (approximately $73 million).

“These new contracts not only reflect our position as a reliable partner in the NATO community but also demonstrate our defense expertise in meeting the growing demands of modern artillery operations,” Land Systems representatives said.

It is possible that the ammunition was ordered as part of an initiative by European countries that are helping Ukraine.

Earlier, it was reported that some countries plan to purchase artillery shells for Ukraine outside the European Union.

The first significant batch of ammunition under the Czech Initiative program is due to arrive in Ukraine in June.

Ammunition Europe Production of ammunition World