US to sanction Iran if it supplies drones to Russia

US to sanction Iran if it supplies drones to Russia

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The US will introduce new sanctions against Iran if the country provides its attack drones to the Russian army.

This was stated by State Department Speaker Ned Price.

According to him, the US has concerns about Iran’s potential provision of drone technologies to Russia.

“We will continue to watch very closely. All of our sanctions remain in force. Any transaction of this sort would implicate a number of sanctions that we have on the books and presumably a number of sanctions that countries around the world have on the books. So this is something that we’ll continue to monitor,” the State Department Speaker said.

Previously, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan stated that the Russian Federation has asked Iran to supply the Russian army with ‘hundreds’ of unmanned aerial vehicles, including weapons-capable UAVs, for the war in Ukraine.

Іранський БПЛА

According to Sullivan, the White House’s information further indicates that Iran is preparing to train the Russian forces to use these UAVs as soon as this month (July – Ed.).

Subsequently, the Foreign Ministry of Iran has given an ambiguous response to the accusations.

Nasser Kanaani, the Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, stated that cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation dates back to before the onset of the war in Ukraine.

He also said that ‘no specific development’ came about recently in this regard.

He added that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s stance on the war in Ukraine is absolutely clear and has been declared time and again officially.

Радник президента США з національної безпеки Джейк Салліван. Фото: Reuters

Later, Sullivan said that a Russian delegation visited an airfield in central Iran at least twice last month to examine weapons-capable drones.

Транспорт російської делегації в Ірані на майданчику з БПЛА “Shahed-129” та “Shahed-191”. Супутниковий знімок від уряду США

At the time, the report noted that Iran first showcased Shahed-191 and Shahed-129 drones to the Russians at Kashan Airfield south of Tehran in June. Both drones are capable of carrying precision-guided missiles.

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Asia Aviation Russia Sanctions UAV Ukraine USA War with Russia World